They Told Us We Were Crazy

We live in a world where we are told that we are crazy…

Wrong to believe as we do. Wrong to live as we do. Wrong to simply be.

Broken as we are, we are told that we must be fixed. And fixed by who, exactly?

By well-meaning family and friends? By a society that cares more about maintaining illusions of security than celebrating what it means to truly live?

As children and adolescents, we are ill prepared for all of this.

We are not yet armored for the war that is to be waged upon us, against the very fabric of our being. The suppression of the soul by forces that can sometimes seem so well meaning. And well meaning they often are.

But whether malignant or benign, the attacks comes from every possible angle — and eventually from within.

For most people, the wounds suffered during their formative years will forever cover up who they truly are and they will go to their deathbeds in disguise. The true self buried beneath layer upon layer of conditioning and conformity.

How easily we forget.

Forget who we are, forget what brings us joy, forget our essential nature and what makes life worth living.

Our passions, our desires, our natural way of being. Where did it all go?

What have we have given up? We sacrifice ourselves, but for what?

This, the soul knows… for it is the soul that is at stake.

They say that it’s for our own self-protection and preservation. But protection from what? Are we some kind of danger to ourselves? Or is it the pain, the heartache and the rejection that we need shielding from?

But that is like being told to paint with only one brush, one color. The soul is so much bigger than that. It cannot be confined to such narrow a range. And sooner or later, it will yearn to be set free.

When it does, you will know

Just watch for the clues and listen to the whispers.