A Gift from the Dark

Quietly it creeps.
Slowly, softly.
Rising from within…

The warmth of a distant fire calls us forth from the cold embrace in which we dwell.

But here in the shadows, there is a certain kind of safety.

To go unseen, unheard, one can live in peace. A solitude and secrecy denied to those who boldly bare their light.

Is it selfish to want to keep this space only for ourselves?

Sacred messages spring forth from the skies, yet we stash them away for our own private use, far from view of the rest of the world.

This may well work for a while, but like all things, light longs to be free.

Thus the time will come when things begin to stir…

Restless in its confinement, the light shall cry out for its release.

Then quietly it creeps.
Slowly, softly…
Do you feel it rising from within?

A gentle voice, a silent whisper.
Hallowed calls from beyond.

Will we heed their requests? Leave the safety of the shadows for unknown shores and cavernous abyss?

And if we ignore the call, what shall happen then?

A fate worse than death?

A half lived life and imprisoned dreams that haunt us till the day we die?

What have we to lose?

Only our souls then, it seems.

So I take hold of my tiny lantern and head out into the night.

The shadows bow in silence, then kiss my hand and whisper:

“Before you part, remember this:

Though it may be true that darkness is but the absence of light, we give to you the gift of sight. For how do you recognize one without first knowing other?

Thus forget us not, our fearless friend. We send you off with blessings to take until the end.