Fertile Grounds

Pain and suffering are often the most fertile grounds for beauty to grow.

Seeds planted in a pile of… well, shit.

Of course, when you’re buried under it, there’s no beauty to be found. Not through your eyes. Not through today’s eyes.

But those eyes will soon change. The same eyes that see only darkness will one day see beauty again.

Let us not be mislead. We are treading on hallowed ground.

Buried beneath the mounds of pain, seeds of beauty are being laid.

Whether shrouded by a searing sadness or a slow, dull ache, something stirs quietly below the surface.

Not all is as it seems.

So sink into the silence. Melt into the pain.

In time, you shall see…

All the anguish and despair was never for naught. All part of an intricate process, each ache its role in the rites of transformation.

And what shall emerge from this metamorphosis of self?

Soon, all will be revealed.

But never before its time.

A little patience is needed. Patience and surrender. For we must let go and allow the process to unfold.

Just as we cannot will a flower to bloom or a tree to grow, so too must we surrender to the forces of nature that guide our own becoming.

But before you know it, all will be made clear.

Perhaps not yet, but certainly soon.

Sooner than you think. Sooner than it feels. Sooner than you know.

In an unexpected moment, your whole world will change.

Perhaps you can start with that. A little inkling that maybe, just maybe, what surrounds you now is simply preparing you for what is yet to come…

That what lurks around the corner is not more darkness, but something beautiful and bright.

For where there are shadows, there must also be light.

Above all, remember this:

You are not alone.

Countless others are here alongside you.

You may not recognize us, because we hide behind smiles. But we walk amongst you nonetheless. Fellow travelers on the road of discovery.

There are also those who have come before. Those who have already followed the path to where it leads. Who, after traversing the valleys, dungeons, and dark forests of the soul, have emerged valiantly on the other side.

Wiser, stronger, bolder.

Humbled, renewed, and transformed.

So shall we.
So shall you.