Stuck & Confused

Is it such a bad thing to feel stuck and confused?

Maybe not… Maybe it’s a sign that you’re onto something. That you’re growing…

Maybe under all of the frustration, confusion, and self-doubt is the key to your destiny. A map leading to freedom and fulfillment.

For where there is confusion, there is also potential. The potential for growth and change.

It is not a comfortable feeling, but growth is not always comfortable. Because as we grow, we expand. And in this expansion, a part of us must die and fall away.

The old must be shed to make way for the new.

The universe is in a constant state of expansion. So it stands to reason that something within YOU is seeking to expand as well.

The question is what?

This is something that only you know the answer to.

And you DO know. Behind the clouds of confusion, the answers are all there.

There are clues and signs everywhere. Especially when you’re feeling stuck. Stuck, confused, frustrated, restless, afraid.

Because where there is discomfort, there are diamonds…

But we must stop and dig for them. The sources of discomfort are the markers that lead us there. They show us where the pressure is building. And then, with an open and curious mind, we can excavate and explore.

To aid in this endeavor, we’ve created a simple guide that you can download here for free.

The confusion, self-doubt, and discomfort are points of departure. From here, we begin to explore…