Dark Times

Dark days and even darker nights… Sure signs that you are on the path of transformation.

The path may be a solitary one, but you need not walk it alone.

We are here to remind you that no matter how dark and lonely it may seem, there are others who have walked the road you are on now. Who are walking it right now…

The road of transformation, exploration, and discovery.

This is the path of a full life.

And yes, there is darkness, fear, and pain here, too.

But even in the darkest hour, there are wonders waiting to be discovered. For it is in the dark that one begins to see. Seeing of a different kind…

Darkness can be used as a tool for transformation.

To reject the darkness means that it remains. To accept it, however, one can then transcend and transform it. Because who we truly are is beyond the darkness. Beyond the pain, the fear, the anger, the sadness, the shame…

But we are not here to preach. Only to remind you that you are not alone and remind you of what you already know.

Because despite how it may seem, you are not broken. You are exactly where you are meant to be.

Darkness. Light. It’s all beautiful…

So feel what you must feel. Do not run from the pain. Seek instead to see it, understand it, and transform it. To use it as the tool that it is.

But only when you are ready.

And when you are, know that darkness can always be transformed into light. A light that will guide you home, back to who you truly are. Back to joy, meaning, and the life you were meant to live.

Until then, we are holding a brighter vision for you. And if you are reading these words, know that we are sending love and light across time and space — directed squarely at you.

Remember: Where there are shadows, there must also be light.

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